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How to Choose
In each of our lives, there may come a point when we need to make a decision about choosing a senior-focused living center or a rehabilitation / skilled nursing facility. Whether the decision is for ourselves or a loved one, with some guidelines, a complicated, difficult and emotional decision can be made a little easier.

The following tips can help you know what to look for:

What is the reputation of the facility?

Look for a facility that is well-established and has a history of providing quality care.

How friendly is the staff?

If you encounter rude staff, mark that community off of your list. You need to be able to like and trust those who may be in a position to take care of you and your loved ones.

What are the social and recreational opportunities?

Look for a community that is active where you can enjoy your time and mingle with others who have similar interests.

How qualified are the health care providers?

Look for proven, experienced management. Choose a facility who employs certified, licensed and registered nursing staff as its primary caregivers.

What type of living arrangements are offered?

Make sure the retirement community offers options for transitional living and that rehabilitation and assisted living services are readily available.

What specific amenities are included?

Check to see if appliances, dining and housekeeping options, medical alert and building safety and security systems are provided. Also check to see about the availability of a chapel and chaplaincy services and appropriate transportation options.


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