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“This is my third time for rehab. And this is definitely the place to go. My doctor said I made a good choice and I agree. They are really good at therapy here. The care is so good and their attitude's are great.”

-- Audrey Kallbreier \ Nursing & Rehab Client

“One of the things that has really impressed me about this place is how well things are maintained and how smooth they operate. They really know what they are doing. It’s pretty cool. There are some really great people here.”

-- Bob Crosby \ Residential Living Tenant

“Living here is working out well. I have a great apartment with lots of space. I’m able to cook all my own meals and there’s lots of shopping nearby. I walk a lot and there’s nice areas for that here. The people are all very friendly and there is always lots going on.”

-- Ruby Moats \ Residential Living Tenant



“This place is incredible. If I had received just half of what I’ve experienced during my rehab I would have been impressed. People need to know how great this place is. They have made me feel like a king! They are really doing it right.”

-- Steve Bondelli \ Rehab Client

“Our kids did a lot of investigating and saw a lot of places before we moved here. We couldn’t have found a better place. The people here are like family. We really appreciate how they do their work. They really know how to make you feel at home.”

-- Jerome & Mavis Steinmetz

Residential Living Tenants



“I wish I had moved here sooner! My family was so worried about me living alone. Here I have everything I need. Plus, it’s a good value. There are so many things I don’t have to worry about that it’s actually saving me money to live here.”

-- Eleanor Flunker \ Residential Living Tenant

“I had a hip replacement and came to Chippewa Manor for rehab. This is an exemplary place, without question. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here for rehab. The therapy was just phenomenal - exactly what I needed. The degree of caring and the quality of care are just top notch. They really make you feel like family here!”

-- SHARON GILLES \ Rehab Client


“After surgery I was supposed to stay off my feet. My family is close, but they work, and wouldn’t have been able to help me get around. So, I came to Chippewa Manor. The people here are so amazing. You feel like they really care about you. I felt so special. You just don’t find that a lot anymore.” 

-- ELLEN NOLL \ Rehab Client

“I really needed a lot of help when I first came. Everyone here made me feel so comfortable. They answered my questions and encouraged me - they are so supportive. They really help you get well again as soon as you can. This is a great place.”

-- KAY FOULKE \ Rehab Client


“I have been here four times for rehab. The people are wonderful. The service is great. The location is perfect. Everyone is so caring. They really do help you get back on your feet.”


“You really feel at home here. It’s like a big family. It’s just heavenly. I can honestly say that I have not had one unhappy moment since I moved here. People really care about each other. I like that.”

-- ALICE KARR \ CMRL Tenant & Rehab Client


“Very impressed by the professionalism and atmosphere at Chippewa Manor. Vivian gets her hair done (at the campus salon) for a pick me up. It always looks really nice! The food, the people, the physical therapy, everything here is top quality!”


Husband of Vivan Slater \ Nursing & Rehab Client



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222 Chapman Rd. Chippewa Falls, WI

Phone: (715) 723-4437