Rehabilitation Services that Focus on YOU!

Getting You Home, Feeling Well, as Soon as Possible

Whether it’s post-surgery, a hospital stay or you are recovering from illness or injury, you will find the empathetic, professional therapists and care teams at Chippewa Manor ready to help get you on the road to recovery.

  • Location – near the heart of both Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire with close proximity to the area’s medical centers, retail outlets and health care facilities
  • Emotional Support – for you and your loved ones throughout the recovery and returning home process
  • Availability – physical, speech and occupational rehab services available both in-patient and out-patient basis
  • Financial Options – including Medicare, Medicaid and private pay options
  • Connected – ongoing communication with your doctors, health care and insurance networks
  • Quality Reputation – 5-star rated facility, serving the region since 1966
  • Success Driven Approach – our goal is to get you home, feeling well again as soon as possible

Supporting Your Healing Journey

There are many factors to consider when you need rehab. Some directly influence your physical healing – others impact your emotional wellbeing. Both are vital and support the process. That’s why it’s important to find a place you feel comfortable. A place with a long track record of success. A place with experienced therapists. A place that puts you and your needs first. A place committed to getting you home again – feeling well – as soon as possible. A place like Chippewa Manor.

Services & Amenities

  • Experienced physical, speech and occupational therapists available 6-days a week – focused on getting you well and home as soon as possible
  • On-site convenience store available for client and visitor use
  • Large, state of the art rehab space, with innovative tools to assist in your emotional and physical recovery
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and Cable TV services included
  • Transitional Rehab Suite – An option for those looking for a short-term home-like stay in an on-campus apartment after initial rehab is completed
  • High-quality food services with personalized menu options to accommodate your individual preferences and dietary needs
  • Newly installed, lighted, private paver-path walkways (with seating areas) circle the entire campus – great for getting in a little exercise or just enjoying some fresh air
  • Our experienced social services team advocates for you and helps you navigate all the social, medical, insurance and getting ready to return home logistics

Need more information or want to reserve a private rehab suite? Call (715) 723-4437 today.

What Should I Know Before I Select a Rehab Facility?

Surgeries, injuries and illnesses can really complicate our lives – Here are some questions to ask that can help eliminate additional stress from your recovery and rehabilitation process

Look for a facility that is well-established and has a long history of providing quality care. Find out what kind of rating they have with state and local health agencies and if they have good rapport with local providers, insurance groups and health care networks.

A facility with proven, experienced management is more likely to understand and accommodate your unique needs – correctly! Look for an organization with long-tenured employees who focus on employing certified, licensed and professional staff as primary caregivers.

This may seem like trivial consideration – but when you are recovering from a traumatic event such as surgery or injury – emotional health is important to recovery. You need to be able to trust and feel supported by those helping with your care. Smiles and cheerful interactions with staff can help speed your recovery.

Check to see if medical Health Link systems are in place. Is high-speed WiFi and TV services included or available to access for you and visitors? What kind of life enrichment activities are available? Is there a chapel and chaplain on-site? Is there a salon with a licensed cosmetologist on-site? Are there easily accessible places to walk? What kind of transportation options are available? Are there alternative communications options in place in cases of community quarantines or COVID restrictions?

Every individual is different, but facilities that offer transitional options, such as a short-term rehab suite (after initial prescribed therapy concludes), flexible assisted living, in-patient or out-patient therapy, senior apartments or home care services tend to provide a more comprehensive approach to healing and recovery. You will have more options with an organization that sees the big picture rather then one that doesn’t have adaptive options.

Lots of places will list testimonials on their websites. But these hand-selected, individual accounts may not always tell the complete story. Ask people you personally know who have had experiences with a facility. Or ask a social worker or discharge planner to connect you with someone who has recently had a similar situation.

Most people don’t expect great dinning experiences when they are in rehab – and many facilities don’t put much effort into trying to change that opinion. Find out about food and personalized dietary options. Maybe even ask if you can sample a meal before you choose? A facility that cares about the taste of your food as well as its nutritional content is probably more interested in your overall care and recovery as well.

What Clients Say About Rehab Services