A Flexible, Personalized Peace of Mind Approach

Assisted Living as Unique as You

Choosing assisted living arrangements shouldn’t be like shopping for a hat or a pair of socks. Your unique needs can’t be truly met by some, one-size fits all solution! Our living services program provides you options and adaptable choices that grow with you as your needs change. You choose the amount and type of care you need as you need it! You can opt on/off service tiers on a month-to-month basis. Don’t need assistance anymore? Then you won’t be stuck needlessly paying for a program that doesn’t fit your needs. Need additional help? It can be added at anytime. Your living services are personalized to fit you, your unique needs and schedule.

  • Flexibility adaptable living arrangements and services – opt on or off / change care levels as needed monthly
  • Community – there’s a sense of neighborhood and family – always something going on or to look forward to on campus
  • Location – within minutes of all the area’s hospitals, clinics, shopping, restaurants and retail centers
  • Personal Fit – participate in as much or as little as you feel comfortable – pick your apartment size and style – personalize a dining plan and more
  • Value – living services adapt to your needs – you only pay for what you require or desire
  • Quality & Reputation – Campus has consistently been recognized for high quality care by government agencies and business ranking services for 6-plus decades
  • Convenience – easy access, barrier-free, campus living helps simplify everything

Independent and Worry-Free

Whether it’s a few hours a week or more substantial assistance – experience the peace of mind that comes with having professional, compassionate care available 24/7. Stay active and independent, living in a private, barrier-free, 1-or 2-bedroom apartment. You’ll have access to many on-site conveniences, spaces and amenities to help you feel at home. We expect you might even find yourself asking, “why didn’t we make this move before?”

Living Services & More

  • Tier-level assisted living care provided based on unique needs
  • Wearable emergency Health Link pendants available that contact on-site caregivers directly
  • Full-time Concierge on-site to help with scheduling, answer questions or offer additional assistance
  • Fire-safety sprinkler systems built into each apartment
  • Housekeeping and laundry services available
  • No stigmas – there is no designation of “assisted living” apartments or wing at CMRL
  • Full and partial meal plans available – either in restaurant-style dining room or via room-service
  • Nurse-call systems located in multiple locations in each apartment
  • Daily life enrichment activities on campus
  • Barrier-free bathrooms with easy access sinks, showers, storage and toilets
  • Support available for caregiving spouses or partners
  • Exclusive access to on-site convenience store, coffee bistro nook, salon, chapel, library, indoor mailboxes and community room

Find out how Chippewa Manor can personalize an Assisted Living opportunity for you today.

Things to Know About Assisted Living

Assisted living refers to personalized care services and barrier-reducing living arrangements for individuals requiring regular assistance with health, medical and personal activities. Assisted living services are designed to promote continued independence and personal dignity, while providing access to professional help with activities of daily living, assistance with a variety of medical, health care or wellness related conditions.

Most providers require you to enroll in a program and then maintain those services going forward. A few, like Chippewa Manor, offer the ability for clients to change their level of care and even flex off all assisted living cares on a month-to-month basis. These types of scenarios offer the best value and most adaptable, need-driven options to those receiving care.

The cost of assisted living varies by level of care, location, atmosphere, the training/certification levels of health-care staff providing cares as well as the type of amenities and additional services available to clients. To see typical costs for Assisted Living click here.

Like just about everything tax related, it depends. If you or a qualified dependent are in an assisted living facility primarily for medical care, you can typically deduct the entire expense. There may be some limits based on income levels. To learn more view the IRS Medical and Dental Expenses publication.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to senior living. Here is a quick summary to help you understand some of the jargon and different care options. Senior Care – What’s the Difference?

Nursing homes are long-term residences that focus more heavily on medical assistance for those with chronic illnesses, injuries, or who need round-the-clock care. People often use the term “nursing home” interchangeably with skilled nursing facility (SNF), but they’re two different things. SNFs (like Chippewa Manor) provide broader medical services for more acute needs, such as terminal illness, or 24-hour care after surgery or a hospital stay. Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes require a licensed nurse to be on the premises for specialized care. Assisted living services are designed to promote continued independence and personal dignity. Most providers offer individual room living arrangements. Some, like Chippewa Manor, offer 1-or-2 bedroom apartment options while providing access to professional help with activities of daily living, assistance with a variety of medical, health care or wellness related conditions in the privacy of the client’s apartment. Most assisted living cares are performed by Certified Nursing Assistants or Personal Care Workers. Some providers, like Chippewa Manor, provide access to an RN 24-7.

When looking for an assisted living option, its important to consider how much flexibility and adaptability is offered. Do you want to be able to change levels of care or even come off services when you don’t require them? What kind of amenities and specialized, personalized options are offered? What’s the reputation of the facility? Is it part of a chain or owned by a private party? Is there a full-time concierge available to cater to clients and family members? Is there an on-site chapel and chaplain available daily? Is there a salon with a licensed professional available daily to meet your hair and beauty needs? What kind of life enrichment programs are offered? Are there flexible dining options? Choosing an assisted living option shouldn’t be like shopping for socks or a ball cap – there really isn’t one-size that truly fits all. Find the facility that fits with YOUR unique wants and needs.

What size apartment or care-level works best for you?

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